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Enabling informed decision making when managing technology acquisition.


Roke helps its clients to realise their business or operational goals by reducing the risk and cost associated with the introduction of new technologies.


We will work with you to provide a clear understanding of how technology can help, together with the vulnerabilities which may be exposed if a new technology is not exploited. In some cases the introduction of new technologies is not necessary, and here we can also advise where benefits can be gained by changing processes in order to get the most out of existing technologies.


What We Do

We can help throughout the entire technology development lifecycle, or support at any point along the technology development value chain to best meet your needs. Whichever point you're at, we will always ensure you are provided with the scientific rigour and corresponding evidence to inform your decision making.


Capability Analysis

Roke works with your organisation to understand the business as-is status and identify where technology adds value we couple this with our horizon scanning and technology roadmapping capability to ensure you stay at the leading edge of the acquisition curve ready to exploit the performance enhancement or capitalise on your new found market position.


Concept Development

We can rapidly prototype or systematically design candidate solutions before testing and evaluating the feasibility of a solution and to ensure it supports the objectives of your business case. Our assessments can be conducted using a wide range of techniques from modelling to live trials in order to accommodate your needs and budget that will withstand investment and technical scrutiny alike.


Business Case

We support our clients in making a case for change and will help you to develop a compelling business case. This includes helping you to understand the art of the possible and the potential risks that could be introduced.



Once a decision to proceed with your acquisition is made we will work either as the systems integrator or as part of a best athlete team to develop the optimal solution that meets your requirements. We will then provide the necessary support to ensure you get the most from the solution during its intended lifetime.


Through Life Optimisation

We will work with you to either extend the viable lifetime of a solution or enhance the overall effectiveness of your process by recommending non technology based options such as training, logistics and infrastructure.


Whilst robust and well proven to deliver high quality science based evidence, our processes can be tailored and adjusted to meet your specific budget and needs whilst retaining our renowned technical integrity.


Our Background

Roke have many years' experience supporting governments and commercial organisations to maintain their technological lead and understand the vulnerabilities created by third party exploitation of technologies. As a result we are very familiar with government business case methodologies.


We are recognised as thought leaders in the exploitation of new technologies in:


Communications and securely sharing intelligence in a high tempo, dynamic environment

Cyber and RF effects that may be exploited

Complex real time data analysis and corresponding decision making processes

Optimisation of sensor systems to provide situational awareness

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