ARDRONIS-I Detecting And Geolocating RC Drones Early On by Rohde & Schwarz

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The R&S®ARDRONIS automatic radio-controlled drone identification solution is a comprehensive solution with specialized capabilities for detecting, identifying, classifying, direction finding, recording and disrupting the remote control link to a drone.


The solution is optimized for countering the threats arising from radio-controlled (RC) drones. Through successful trials, deployments with key customers, involvement in protecting various important and public events as well as VIP persons, R&S®ARDRONIS has proven to be an effective technical approach. With this product, Rohde & Schwarz has established a global benchmark in counter-drone solutions.


Key Facts


Effective RC drone monitoring: detection based on the radiocommunications link, ensuring high reliability and low false alarm rate

Early warning: very fast response solution to detect radiocontrolled drones even before take-off

Full-spectrum awareness: complete detection list of all RC drones categorized as threats in a defined area

Fully automatic integrated workflow: easy-to-use GUI and fully integrated operation concept. Automatic and immediate trigger alarm and notification in case of threats


Features & Benefits


Meet challenges of countering drones

- Effective drone monitoring based on RC link for robust detection

-Optimized solution for various applications


Early warning: very fast response

- Immediate detection and identification

- Reliable identification with low false alarm rate


Full-spectrum awareness of drone activities

- Automatic sequencer and smart search

- Wide detection range to effectively cover a large surveillance area


Reliable detection of radio-controlled drones

- Powerful FHSS detector even with a very short hop length

- Automatic identification with predefined profiles

- Automatic threat notification/alarm triggering


Robust signal classification even in congested signal environments

- Reliable separation of various drone remote controls

- Powerful classifier, accurate measurement of technical parameters


Highly automated workflow

- Easy-to-use GUI increases the efficiency of the operational workflow

- Reduced user workload due to automatic processing workflow


Open interfaces and extensive profile database

- Open interface, interoperable and customizable

- Extendable profile database/threat library


Proof finding, preservation of evidence

- Data recording and automatic event log capabilities

- Optional postprocessing with detailed technical analysis


Modular design for optimum application

- Powerful, compact and transportable setup

- Plug & play concept

Defense Products & Services: ARDRONIS-I Detecting And Geolocating RC Drones Early On by Rohde & Schwarz
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Description: ARDRONIS-I Detecting And Geolocating RC Drones Early On
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