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When it comes to ITU-compliant measurements and evaluations, R&S®ARGUS has been the preferred choice for regulators from more than 100 countries for 30 years. R&S®ARGUS controls dedicated devices and analysis tools. The measurement modes, reflecting typical workflows, are designed to support operators in their daily work. Numerous statistics allow in-depth analysis and the creation of informative and concise reports. R&S®ARGUS 6.1, the latest development step, focuses on complete workflows and operability to ensure that you get the job done – faster and better than ever.


A broad scope of monitoring and evaluation functionality is available, ranging from simple level measurements to sophisticated intermodulation analysis and vestigial sideband emission investigation, from interactive, quick response operation to fully automatic procedures, and from standalone devices to nationwide monitoring networks. New features such as continuous monitoring and a central database are excellent solutions for the latest challenges in spectrum monitoring.


R&S®ARGUS combines powerful spectrum monitoring tools with easy and efficient operation. Tried and tested features such as reasonable default values and the unique guided measurement modes are provided in an improved version. As a result, even less experienced operators can perform demanding tasks quickly and reliably. Electronic maps show a detailed overview of the system’s operational status and usage. Map-based operation, such as the definition and triggering of monitoring and location missions for multiple remote stations, provides a more pleasant working experience and improves efficiency.


The modular structure makes it possible to configure a system that perfectly matches individual requirements. Various open interfaces flexibly adapt to practically any customer demand. Any subsequent expansions are easily implemented, regardless of number of instruments, enhanced measurement capabilities or additional monitoring stations.


R&S®ARGUS has been consistently and systematically expanded and improved to ensure excellent solutions for ever-changing challenges. Thanks to a wide range of specialized equipment, numerous open interfaces and unrivaled monitoring capabilities, R&S®ARGUS is well-suited for applications far beyond the scope of ITU-compliant monitoring.


Key Facts


Measurements and analysis in line with the ITU spectrum monitoring handbook and ITU recommendations

Geolocation of emitters via angle of arrival (AOA), time difference of arrival (TDOA) and hybrid (combination of AOA and TDOA) as well as mobile locator (ML) technology

Extended capabilities for continuous monitoring and automatic evaluation in large-scale networks

Map-based operation and system status display

Open interface to exchange data with spectrum management applications

Simple scalability due to modular software architecture

Strong focus on user support

Guided measurements

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