Argus APH05 Anti-Riot Police Helmet by Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd

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Our range of anti riot helmets includes the Argus APH05 riot helmet - which complies with the riot helmet requirements set out by the 2004 HOSDB standard, including impact attenuation and visor resistance to solvents.



Proven in use internationally, the popular anti-riot helmet is offered in a choice of Thermoplastic (APH05-T) and GRP (APH05-G) helmet shells. It incorporates an optically correct, high impact resistant polycarbonate visor, perfect for riot operations, and includes the option of anti-mist/anti-scratch coating.




Available in Thermoplastic & GRP

Range of shell sizes

Compliance with HOSDB 2004

Replaceable neck protector

Compatible with CBRN equipment & comms systems



Available in a range of shell sizes, the Argus APH05 riot helmet provides the optimum fit for the wearer, and with impact and padded liners this comes without compromise on comfort.



The anti riot helmet is designed to accept radio connections and is compatible with a range of CBRN equipment. It also has liquid resistant metal guaze apertures ensuring local commands can be heard.



The helmet has a replaceable neck protector as well as a quick release chin strap with chin cup which accepts a high dynamic load with minimum extension and helps to maintain the riot helmet's stability on the wearer.

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