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The WISENT Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) is the perfect vehicle to perform all recovery missions with enough power and protection to ensure success. An innovative crane has been designed to lift loads in excess of 30 tons. The main winch has been greatly

improved and the ARV is also equipped with an auxiliary winch which helps to pull the main winch cable into position or allows recovery missions of smaller vehicles.


The WISENT ARV can carry a spare Leopard 2 power pack stowed on top and has a total weight of approximately 54 tons. With its 960 hp, the WISENT ARV can achieve speeds of over 65 km/h. Combat recovering is enhanced by the adopted Combat Recovery System CRS® which allows the crew to recover vehicles under the full armour of the WISENT. To achieve a fast and safe recovery mission, the Combat Recovery System CRS® is equipped with a specialized camera system.



- 30 tons crane arm

- 35 tons main winch

- 90 m cable length

- New auxiliary winch

- Highly versatile large front mounted blade

- Combat Recovery System CRS®



The WISENT Armoured Engineer Vehicle (AEV) supports engineer troops with an array of features and high performance that has never been achieved with a Leopard 1 based engineer vehicle. The state of the art excavator arm is inspired by civil excavator systems in order to provide the full performance spectrum of a high-end excavator in the fi eld.


It has a digging rate of more than 300 cubic metres per hour and a bucket volume of 1.3 cubic meter. The WISENT AEV off ers the high protection and high mobility in addition with high mission performance.


The lifting capacity of at least 4.5 tons allows the vehicle to fulfi l challenging crane operations.


Equipped with an integrated welding and cutting device of 220 V or 380 V, the full operational capability is directly available to engineer troops. Naturally, the WISENT AEV is equipped with leading mine and ballistic protection systems, the upgraded power pack and the flexible hydrogas suspension system of the MVP WISENT system family.



- Newly designed excavator arm

- 35 tons main winch

- 90 m cable length

- New auxiliary winch

- Improved excavator arm

- Specialized dozer blade

- Hydraulic tools interface



Tactical mineclearing is one of the most challenging tasks on operations. In order to give armies around the word the capability to perform this assignment in a quick, safe and reliable way, FFG designed the WISENT Mineclearing (MC).


The WISENT MC is based upon a WISENT ARV and is designed to support the tank fleet with safe cleared routes to fulfil their missions under the protective armour of the WISENT family of vehicles.


WISENT MC is equipped with a full-width mineplough system which is in service with several nations around the world. In addition, the lane marking system is included on the WISENT MC and allows follow on troops to transit the marked safe lanes.



- Full-width mineplough

- Lane marking system

- Magnetic signature device

- New auxiliary winch

- 30 tons crane

- Front mounted high lift adapter



The Multipurpose Vehicle Platform (MVP) WISENT has been developed by FFG to be a flexible, cost effective and economical way to support the Leopard 2 main battle tanks in armies throughout the world.


There are three main variants of the Leopard ARV standard based vehicle: The WISENT Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV), the WISENT Armoured Engineer Vehicle (AEV) and the WISENT Mineclearing (MC).


All variants are designed to meet challenges and requirements across the full spectrum of operations. The WISENT is a customisable armoured vehicle system to meet every user demands. As well as the improved hydraulic system which provides the maximum hydraulic power in every situation, the customer may also choose other upgrade

capabilities like the hydrogas suspension system, the 960 hp power pack, air conditioning and state of the art protection.


Our protection systems provide a ballistic protection as per NATO STANAG 4569, threat level 5 and a mine protection, threat level 3. The standard fire suppression system makes it safer on operations. The WISENT is designed to be fitted for specialist camera system and an overhead weapon station.


Specialist and miscellaneous stores can be carried into battle in a roof mounted storage case for immediate use.


The main variants of the WISENT are the Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) with its 30 ton crane boom and Combat Recovery System CRS®, the Armoured Engineer Vehicle (AEV) which is equipped with a modern excavator arm system and the mineclearing variant WISENT MC which off ers a high lift adapter to install the combat proven full-width mineplough system.


The WISENT is successful on service at several nations and also in Afghanistan. The WISENT ARV, WISENT AEV and WISENT MC are leading the way to ensure safety on military missions. In summary the MVP WISENT brings many features to support the demands on and off the battlefield and is based on bestselling of German military technologies: The Leopard Standard Armoured Recovery Vehicle.


The WISENT is a typical example of practical and effective innovation to enhance an armoured vehicle fleet and incorporates state of the art technologyfrom Flensburg.

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