ATAKA Antitank Guided Missile

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The Ataka anti-tank guided missile is designed to engage small-size armoured ground targets, low-speed air targets, and weapon emplacements. It features the canard configuration. The missile has one pair of folding control surfaces and four folding bow-shaped wings. The sealed launch tube is used for transportation and storage of the missile.


The missile is guided by radio commands. During the missile flight, the operator holds the stationary marker on the multi-role display aligned on the target, and adjusts the line-ofsight with the help of controls on the guidance panel until the missile hits the target. The missile has several warhead versions, including the shaped-charge, HE/fragmentation and fuel-air explosive ones. The missile arms the Mi-24V, Mi-24P and Mi- 28 helicopters.

Max launch range, km



Flight speed, m/s



Launch weight, kg



Warhead weight, kg



Armour penetration, mm

800 with ERA protection


Tank hit probability


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