ATG Seismic Unattended Ground Sensors by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
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ATG seismic unattended ground sensors (UGS) form part of our ATG All Terrain guards solution for monitoring and securing wide areas, remote assets and extended perimeters.


Seismic Sensor Node:


- Typical Classification Range: Personnel up to 50m;

- Battery Deployment Life: 24 months on Star (single-hop) mode, 18 months on Mesh (multi-hop) mode

- Power Source: Replaceable 2x D cell lithium battery

- Operating Temperature: ‐20°C to +70°C

- Node Weight: < 500g


ATG Master Node (network gateway):


- Wide Area Network: Direct connect to laptop or interface into cellular, SATCOMS and other networks via encoder Power Source: External battery (5 to 35V max)

- Operating Temperature: ‐40°C to +55°C (operation), ‐50°C to +70°C (Storage)

- Node Weight: 500g

- Enviroment: Mil STD 810-D/IP67 (Port app.IP68)


ATGC Network Communications:


- Radio Frequency: 863 ‐ 870MHz / 466 - 480MHz

- Standards Compliance: ETSI: EN300 220 and EN 301 489 FCC: 47CFR part 15

- Network Characteristics: Self - configuring, self ‐ healing (with remote monitoring of network)

- Networking Modes: RF intercept Mesh - large, complex networks

- Transport: Pelican box. 100 liter, Max.weigh: 95kg.including 25 sensor unit, 2x hand held field control & installation device, 1x field controller, 1 pair Comm unit and accessories

- Field controller with 1 uncooled 8 - 12 thermal camera (optional)

- IFF feature (up the 1064 units) optional

- Sensors: Seismic, PIR, magnetic, Sound selectable.

Defense Products & Services: ATG Seismic Unattended Ground Sensors by Transvaro
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