AVU-ETMA Fuze for Air Bomb by KINTEX

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Universal air heat resistant fuze AVU-ETMA with electrical and mechanical starting devices is intended for high-explosive,fragmentation high-explosive, high-explosive incendiary, incendiary air-bombs and incendiary containers. The fuse is fitted into nose or base fuse threaded filling holes.


The fuze provides point detonating and inertia action, ignition SQ and two delay modes.Fuze AVU-ETMA completes the following types of air bombs:

· OFAB-100-120;

· OFAB-250-270;

· FAB-500M-62.



The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the safe and reliable function of the ammunition in all weather conditions.





16 units in four air-tight metal boxes

packed in a wooden case with dimensions:

658х598х191 mm

Gross weight:

57 kg


0.075 cu.m.

Total length:

210 mm







Without additional ring:

1920 g

With additional ring:

1970 g



Method of arming:

mechanical or electric



Voltage necessary for operation:

of electric starting device:

27 V



Delay depending on the height of bombing:

Assault circuit with delay (automatic):

8.2 – 14.5 s



Altitude circuit:

- immediate (setting М)


- short delay (setting МЗ)

0.01 – 0.04 s

- middle delay (factory preset)

0.06 – 0.09 s



Distance arming delay:

- assault circuit

1.3 – 2.6 s

- setting

3.5 – 5.5 s

- altitude circuit

8.7 – 13.5 s



Technical Characteristics:



mechanical or electric


PD, delayed

Operational Temperature Range:

-60 to +150°C

Maximum allowed exposure at 150°C:

90 minutes

Shelf Life:

12.5 years


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Description: AVU-ETMA Fuze for Air Bomb
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