B2-G Panorama Mask by Trayal Corp

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Trayal Corp
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The B2-G Panorama mask, type: Class 2 according to the SRPS EN 136, together with the appropriate fitted filter (with a screw according to the SRPS EN 148-1) is intended for protection of respiratory organs, face and the eyes against harmful effects of toxic gases, vapours, dust particles and smoke.


It is mainly intended for use in chemical industry, i.e. wherever there are harmful gases, vapours, and particles in the working atmosphere. The mask is allowed to be used only in the atmosphere containing at least 17 % oxygen.




The mask is available in one size only.

A specially constructed facepiece with a flange aligns effectively alongside the face of the user, and the set of elastic straps can be adjusted in order for the proper fixing of the facepiece to be achieved in five points.

The mask has fitted panoramic polycarbonate glass, which provides a quite wide field of vision.

The mask allows the users to normally communicate through the phonic unit and eliminates the need for its removal for the purpose of communication, during work in the harmful atmosphere.

The mass of the mask is around 650 g.

The mask gives a small resistance of 75 Pa during exhalation of air through the exhalation valve subassembly.

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