B-52 Headset by David Clark Company Incorporated

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United States of America

David Clark Company
360 Franklin Street
Worcester, MA 01604

Designed for B-52 Aircraft - Long range, mission-critical communications


Single volume control (1000 ohms)

ENC technology for increased noise attenuation

300 ohm ENC modules

DC-87 microphone (5 ohm)

Expanded, double-foam head pad eliminates 'hot spots'

Larger, yet lighter, undercut Comfort-Gel ear seals for maximum comfort

Hybrid, flex-wire boom assembly

Lightweight ear cups

5-foot extended coil cord from headset

2-foot extended coil cord from battery power module with U-174/U plug

ACCES compatible (ACCES not included)


NSN pending

P/N 40699G-08

Defense Products & Services: B-52 Headset by David Clark Company Incorporated
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Description: B-52 Headset
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B-52 Headset

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