Ballistic & Anti Stab Vests by DSM Dyneema

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Whether for military, law enforcement or civilian use, protective ballistic, anti-stab or multi-threat vests are essential for the personal protection of all those who put their lives on the line. Vests made with Dyneema® are more comfortable to wear and easier to manufacture.


Dyneema® soft ballistic solutions


Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology can reduce the weight of armor by up to 20%. The result is exceptional protective performance without compromising comfort, agility, or function.


- Comfortable protection against handguns, shrapnel, and knives

- Combine soft and hard ballistic armor to address higher threats

- Combine Dyneema® soft ballistics with Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology for optimal multi-threat protection


Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology


Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology is the ultimate in stab resistance. It protects against sharp threats while improving wearer comfort and agility. You can also combine Dyneema® soft ballistics with Dyneema® Anti Stab Technology for ultimate multi-threat protection. Truly next generation armor technologies.


Ballistic vests made with Dyneema® offer wearer protection against a range of threats including handgun ammunition, fast-moving fragments, and knives, while providing the lightest weight options with maximum flexibility and comfort.

Defense Products & Services: Ballistic & Anti Stab Vests by DSM Dyneema
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