Ballistic Plates & Inserts by DSM Dyneema

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Dyneema® offers flexibility of choice and action. With Dyneema® you can reduce the weight of individual inserts at the same protection level. Or provide extra life protection options, like side panels, without increasing overall weight.


Proven best-in-class material


Inserts made with Dyneema® Unidirectional (UD) material are best-in-class and are proven to help guard against heavy duty, multiple-hit threats including AK47 MSC (7.62 x 39 mm) and NATO Ball (7.62 x 51 mm).


- Make individual inserts up to 25% lighter, versus steel

- Maintain the same protection level at lower weight

- More choice and flexibility in armor design and deployment


Ballistic plates and inserts made with Dyneema® offer wearer protection against a range of threats, including AK47 and NATO Ball, while providing the lightest weight options with maximum flexibility and comfort.

Defense Products & Services: Ballistic Plates & Inserts by DSM Dyneema
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Description: Ballistic Plates & Inserts
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