Ballistic Shield on Trolley Level III+ by Force Ware GmbH

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Force Ware GmbH
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The ballistic trolley shield Level III+ is a new development which has addressed the need to provide a robust, stable and highly manoeuvrable shield platform for shield deployment whilst at the same time enabling rapid dismounting from the platform for hand held operations.




The trolley is made from box section mild steel and comprises three parts which are bolted together with three 8mm thumb screws to enable quick deployment. The two rear wheels are braked and all four solid rubber wheels have independent steering. The shield is securely mounted onto the quad trolley by means of parallel vertical slotted bars and can be mounted and dismounted within seconds without the need for any tools.




Level III+ is an unofficial level that covers the traditional NIJ Level III performance for 6 strikes of 7.62 x 51 mm NATO Ball (US designation M80 Ball) and also the widely recognised threat from AK47 MSC 7.62 x 39 mm round.



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Defense Products & Services: Ballistic Shield on Trolley Level III+ by Force Ware GmbH
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