Ballistic visor - Level IIIA by 11Oktomvri - Eurokompozit

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Ballistic visor can be retrofitted to full coverage helmets.



Newly developed Visor Fastening System (VFS) enables to mount a ballistic visor on a regular helmet, PASGT for example, in a simple stable and safe method.



The combination of the ballistic visor and the Visor Fastening System (V.F.S.) allows the user to enjoy the benefits of the full face protection for the time period when he really chooses to have this protection while having the ability to take off the extra weight of the ballistic visor and still have the protection of the helmet for longer needed action periods.



The quick, simple, stable and strong attachment of the ballistic VFS to regular helmets like the PASGT is a tactical and logistic benefit. It allows to flexibly reinforce the number of the professional persons in action line with the needed protection level for the immediate time and area of the quickly developing events.



The ballistic VFS saves the need to allocate special helmets with assembled fixed ballistic visors – permanently heavy and expensive.



The visor has three positions: fully down covering the face, 45 degrees and fully up above the helmet's centre of gravity. Its adjustable rear buckle fits various helmets sizes.



Protection for all kind of bullet-proof and antiriot helmet, which is proving well protected, such as handgun, small guns and explode fragments.  The visor is adopted fine quality PC material and visible light transmittance ≥85%, which providing stable performance of physical index between -40°C and 120°C.  After 4.000 hours artificial weathering test, the yellowing degree is 2 and the light transmittance just lowered 0.6%.  Curved sideways design could easily to integrate with gas mask.



Main features:


Protection level

IIIA (acc. NIJ 0108.01)

Velocity 460 m/s

Bullet 9mm 124 grain FMJ

Velocity 438 m/s

Bullet 0.44SWC

Velocity 450 m/s

Bullet 7.62 x 25 LED/Steel TT


1600±50 gr

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