BDR-III Calibration Detector by Bubble Technology Industries Inc

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Bubble Technology Industries Inc
31278 Highway 17, P.O. Box 100
Chalk River, Ontario, K0J 1J0

The BDR-III Automatic Bubble Detector Reader is an affordable solution for automatic counting of large numbers of bubble detectors. The BDR-III provides bar code-ready, fully automated counting with machine vision technology that generates database-compatible files in a compact, simple-to-use instrument.


To allow the user to verify the proper operation of the BDR-III, a calibration detector is provided with each reader.  This calibration detector has a fixed number of bubbles and is identical in size to the BD-PND™ (Bubble Detector Personal Neutron Dosimeter).  The number of bubbles is supplied on the detector documentation. The BDR-III reader is performing within specifications if the observed bubble count is within ±10% of the manufacturer’s count.


Additional calibration detectors can be purchased separately for the BDR-III reader as required. It is recommended that the calibration detectors be replaced every 3 months (90 days) for optimum performance in terms of BDR-III system verification.


Technical specifications


Energy Range Not applicable

Sensitivity Not applicable

Automatic Temperature Compensation No

Optimum Temperature Range 20 – 37°C

Size 145 mm length x 19 mm diameter

Weight 58 g

Reuse Yes

Recompression Method None

Warranty 90 days from date of receipt

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Description: BDR-III Calibration Detector
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