BERKAN 20 Armoured Vehicle Commanders Periscope by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
Dereboyu Cad. Çalışkan Sk. No:4
34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

BERKAN 20 Armoured Vehicle Commanders Periscope is a day optics device which has monocular structure. Periscope has 1X magnification wide angle observation periscope and 6X magnification designation optics. Adjustable periscope mirror angle is changed by operator for elevation adjustments. 6X magnified optical channel has diopter adjustment for ocular and illuminated reticle for distance measurement.


- 6X magnification for target designation

- Wide angle prism for observation

- Adjustable periscope mirror for elevation search

- Prism and eyepiece covers to prevent internal lights to be seen from outside

- Laser protection filter for 694nm and 1064nm wavelengths




Designation Channel


Magnification                          6X

Field of View                           8.5°

Focus Range                          25m to infinity

Diopter Range                        +3 / -3

Elevation Range                    +33° ; -27°


Observation Channel


Magnification                          1X

View Angle                              Horizontal 60° Vertical 13°

Elevation Range                     +33° ; -27°


Mechanical Specifications


Weight                                     7.2 kg


Electrical Specifications


Power Supply                          18 - 36 VDC


Environmental Conditions


Operating Temperature           40°C/+71°C

Storage Temperature              -62°C/+71°C

Humidity                                  % 98

Shock                                      100g, 1.5 m.sec

Vibration                                  1.58mm at 30 Hz.

Defense Products & Services: BERKAN 20 Armoured Vehicle Commanders Periscope by Transvaro
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Country: Turkey
Description: BERKAN 20 Armoured Vehicle Commanders Periscope
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