BL Rail Gen 2 M-LOK by 2A Armament

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United States of America

2A Armament
7545 S. Eisenman Rd.
Boise, ID 83716

he 2A Armament™ BL RAIL Gen 2 M-LOK series has styling changes in the picatinny pocketing to match with the Balios Lite Gen 2 or Aethon receiver sets.   By utilizing a titanium barrel nut, and an innovative 45 degree mounting system, the BL RAIL achieves a solid lockup with the upper receiver.  


The 2A Armament BL RAIL will ship with a 6AL-4V titanium barrel nut. An optional aluminum barrel nut is offered as a separate item for those looking to save maximum weight on a build.  The BL RAIL Gen 2 is a great fit with the new styling on any quality forged or billet upper receiver offered from other manufacturers.




  • Made from U.S.A. Certified 6061 Extrusion
  • U.S.A. sourced 6AL-4V Titanium barrel nut as standard
  • M-LOK mounting solution
  • Mil-Spec hardcoat black anodized
  • Free floating design
  • 1.3” Internal Diameter
  • 7” Rail with Titanium nut (weight 5.7 oz)(2A-BLRML-7G2)
  • 10” Rail with Titanium nut (weight 7.1 oz)(2A-BLRML-10G2)
  • 12” Rail with Titanium nut (weight 8.4 oz)(2A-BLRML-12G2)
  • 15” Rail with Titanium nut (weight 10.5 oz)(2A-BLRML-15G2)
  • 1-5/16” crows foot tool or premium armorers wrench recommended for installation (Not Included)
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