BLASTech Seating X-Series by Jankel Armouring

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Jankel searched for a seat to mitigate the effects of a blast and did not find one that met our exacting standards. We chose to build our own rather than settle for second-best.


Energy Attenuation Seat Technology has been tested extensively by Jankel, trialled independently by UK and US government laboratories and delivered in large numbers to a variety of customers. To date Jankel have sold over 60,000 seats worldwide. Key features include a unique an automatic weight adjustment system and reset mechanism for the secondary (slam down) event. BLASTech seating is in MRAP vehicles around the world.




Customised for use in crew compartments of restricted size and / or unique seating configurations

Seats built to exact platform and space requirements

Configurations include elevation, fold flat ability, wall or floor mounting, rotation etc.

Proven, rugged, consistent and in-service mitigation system

Example designs include APC driver seats, turret seats and ring mount / weapon station seats

Defense Products & Services: BLASTech Seating X-Series by Jankel Armouring
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Description: BLASTech Seating X-Series
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