Bomb BDU-33 B/B Practice Ammunition by Hellenic Defence Systems

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Hellenic Defence Systems SA
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172 36 - Hymettus, Attica

The BDU-33 B/B Practice Bomb is released from aircraft and falls free until impact. Impact of the Bomb body allows the firing pin assembly to be driven against the primes of the signal cartridge (MK4 MOD3) which expels smoke and a flash from the tail of the bomb, permitting visual observation of bombing accuracy.


EAS’ Practice Bomb BDU-33 B/B complies fully with all NATO military specifications and test methods.


Technical Description


The BDU-33 B/B Practice Bomb has a teardrop shaped, cast-metal body with a hollow round cavity lengthwise through the center of the body.


A conical afterbody with cruciform type fin assembly with tail tube is rollcrimped into one or two grooves in the aft end of the bomb body.


A receptacle is located just forward of center of gravity on top of bomb body to install a single suspension lug if required.


A hole (approx. 3/8 inch diameter) is provided on each side of bomb for hanging bomb in suspension system utilized in SUU-20 or SUU-21 Dispensers.


The lug is a separate item of issue.


The firing pin assembly is a sub-component of the bomb and is positioned in the bore of the body and secured in place by a safety (cotter) pin and warning tag.


Accessories: The MK4 MOD3 signal cartridge is the only accessory required to assemble the bomb.


Technical Data


Length                                   575 mm

Weight                                   10,8 kg

Diameter (max)                     100 mm



6 bombs per wooden box

8 wooden boxes per pallet


Packaging secures safe land, sea and air transportation and long term storage.

Other packaging configuration are available, to meet specific customer needs.

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Description: Bomb BDU-33 B/B Practice Ammunition
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