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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Protection House, Sherbourne Drive
Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HX

Portable filtration system designed to provide breathing air for a fixed number of operatives from non-breathing air supplies. The system filters inlet air to provide airline respiratory protective equipment with air quality that meets BS EN 12021, whilst continuously monitoring for Carbon Monoxide. Lightweight and weatherproof, for all forward operating situations.




Models available for 1 to 8 operatives

Carbon monoxide monitor with built in audible and visual alarms

Low battery alarm

Suitable for use with industrial compressd air sources including mobile diesel compressors

Three stage filtration with maintenance indicators on all filters

Choice of approved inlet and outlet couplings available to meet your requirements

Protective lightweight weatherproof case

Filtration efficiency 99.99% at 0.1 micron

Safety relief valve (8.6 bar)

Optional low flow warning whistle fitted on outlets adjusted to your requirements.





Part number                                    PS510145                            PS510240

Model                                              BB30COEU Model               BB50COEU Model

                                                       850 l/min (30 cfm) –             1415 l/min (50 cfm) –

                                                       2 outlet couplings                 4 outlet couplings

Connections                                   ¼” BSP female inlet &         ½” BPS female inlet &

                                                       2x1/4” BSP females            4x1/4” BPS female outlets

                                                       outlets (3rd optional outlet).

Carbon Monoxide                          Alarm at 5 ppm, long life     Alarm at 5 ppm, long life

Monitor                                          9 volt disposable                  9 volt disposable

                                                      batteries                               batteries

1st stage filter                               Bulk water and particulate removal to 5 micron

                                                         with filter change indicator and auto drain


2nd stage filter                             Oil coalescing and ultra-fine particulate filtration

                                                    to 0.01 micron with filter change indicator and auto drain

3rd stage filter                              Organic vapour and odour removal with filter

                                                       change indicator and manual drain

Maximum inlet

Pressure                                      10.3 bar                                10.3 bar

Safety relief valve                            8.3 bar with manual ring pull

Warranty                                      2-year fill warranty on senor and monitor

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Breather Box

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