Build to Print (BTP), Make to Print (MTP) and Assembly Services by Horstman Defence Systems

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Horstman has as the capability to produce manufactured parts to the customer’s specification whilst managing any special processes, such as heat & surface treatments and inspect them with our in house CMM capabilities.


With our clean room capabilities Horstman can assemble and test products under a strong quality management system with ISO9001 as a minimum. Selected sites have AS9100 Rev D certification, PED 2014/68/EU and Fit For Nuclear (F4N), AWSC3.4, IPC wiring accreditation.


Proven track record in systematically managing the supply chain and productionisation of large Bill of Material assemblies (from 2 parts to thousands of parts) for the Defence, Aerospace, Automotive and Oil and Gas sectors.


CNC Machines


Brand             Machine         Type                                                             Working Envelope (mm)


Mazak            HCN6800       Horizontal Milling Machining Centre x2       1050 x 900 x 980

Niigata           HN80-C          Horizontal Milling Machining Centre            1270 x 1020 x 920

Doosan          HM6300         Horizontal Milling Machining Centre            1000 x 800 x 850

Daewoo         ACE HM500   Horizontal Milling Machining Centre            1016 x 813 765

OKK               HM50             Horizontal Milling Machining Centre            760 x 730 x 800

OKK               HM40             Horizontal Milling Machining Centre             620 x 560 x 560

Daewoo         Mynx 550/50   Vertical Milling Machining with 4th Axis Capability x2      1020 x 510 x 625

Mazak            i400s              Full 5-Axis Twin Spindle Mill-Turn x2           Ø658 x 1519

Mazak            i400                5-Axis Mill-Turn x2                                       Ø658 x 1519

Mazak            i400s              5-Axis Twin Spindle Mill-Turn                       Ø658 x 1011

Doosan          SMX3100       5-Axis Mill-Turn                                            Ø525 x 1280

Heid               SDM 12          Lathe                                                            Ø700 x 2000

Daewoo          Puma 18        Lathe x2                                                       Ø700 x 900

Daewoo          Puma 400      Lathe                                                            Ø560 x 1000

Aggie Charmilles   CUT 300mS   EDM x2                                                 549.9 x 349.8 x 400

Charmilles Technologies     ROBOFILL 330F        EDM                            398.8 x 299.7 x 400



Finishing Machines


Brand             Machine         Type                                                  Working Envelope (mm)


Sunnen          SV-410           Vertical CNC Honing Machine          Ø19-203 x 762

Sunnen          HTC-1100W   Horizontal CNC Honing Machine      Ø15-200 x 1000

Delapena       CRS 300-NH  Rotary CNC Grinding Machine         Ø550 x 430


Manual Machines


Brand                         Machine         Type

Devleig                       2B-36             Manual Horizontal Mill

SIP                              6A                  Jig Borer

DIXI                             75                  Jig Borer

Harrison                    M400                Manual Lathe

Universal Grinder    JS1307              Cylindrical Grinder

Jones & Shipman      1400                Surface Grinder

Feeler                        Series 2           Manual Lathe



Materials                   Grade


Steel                           A2, S7, CR3, CR4, A4, BT2, BT3, 045M10, 070M20, 080M40, 605M36, 665M17,

                                   708M40, 722M24, 817M40, 826M31, 826M40, 835M15, 316S31 (Stainless) 1010,

                                   4130, 4140, 4340, 8630, 30NCD16, Aubert & Duval30NiCrMo16, HY 100, HY 130,

                                   LF2, VAR300M, Maraging.

Aluminium                  2014-T6, 2024-T4, 7075-T6, 6063-T6, 6082-T6

Titanium                     Ti6AL4V (Grade 5), Ti-5Al-2.5Sn (Grade 6)

Defense Products & Services: Build to Print (BTP), Make to Print (MTP) and Assembly Services by Horstman Defence Systems
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