Bunkerfaust (BKF) Weapon by Dynamit Nobel Defence

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Dynamit Nobel Defence GmbH
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57299 Burbach

The Bunkerfaust (BKF) was developed on the basis of the Panzerfaust 3 launcher in order to defeat heavily fortified targets in urban terrain and built up areas. The Bunkerfaust warhead features a penetrating charge and a fragmentation follow-through grenade. The tandem warhead is designed to penetrate double reinforced concrete or masonry walls.


The BKF is also effective against light armoured vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles. As for the whole family of Panzerfaust 3 the Bunkerfaust uses the same firing mechanism and optical sights including a possible attachment of a night vision device.


The Bunkerfaust can also be fired from confined spaces. By using the Dynarange fire control unit it is possible to engage targets at ranges up to 600 metres.



Technical Features


Caliber                       110 mm

Weight                       13.3 kg

Length                       1.27 m

Effective range          11 m to 400 m1)


- Compatible with the standard firing unit and Dynarange fire control sight

- Interface for night vision devices and aiming devices

- Can be fired from confined spaces



1) 600 m with Dynarange fire control sight

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