C2645/AIC-14 (PN A644) Audio Amplifier Module by Andrea Systems

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United States of America

Andrea Systems LLC
140 Finn Court
Farmingdale, NY 11735

The A644 is a dual input audio amplifier for use in intercommunication systems. It is a miniature, encapsulated, solid stat unit of high reliability and superior design. It is a rugged unit with excellent environmental characteristics. It is intended for use in any audio system where mixing, isolation, and amplification of two signals are required.




Input Power                                               28 VDC per MIL-STD-704A protected against 600 V spikes and transients

Size                                                           2.312” L x 1.093” H x 2.187” W over connector

Weight                                                       5 oz. Maximum

Connector                                                  DE-9P


ENVIRONMENTAL                                    MIL-E-5400 Class 2


Continuous Operation                                -54˚ C to +71˚ C

Intermittent Operation                                +71˚ C to +95˚ C

EMI                                                             MIL-I-6181



Frequency Response                                 +/-2 dB 300 to 6000 Hz

Input Impedance (each input)                    1200 ohms

Isolation between inputs                             20 dB minimum

Output Impedance                                      270 to 110 ohms

Power Output                                             300 milliwatts

Voltage Gain                                               44 +/-1 dB

Distortion                                                    5% maximum

Internal Noise                                             5 mW maximum

Shielded against magnetic fields

Stable and protected against open or short circuits

Defense Products & Services: C2645/AIC-14 (PN A644) Audio Amplifier Module by Andrea Systems
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Description: C2645/AIC-14 (PN A644) Audio Amplifier Module
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