C38-XX Jumper Cord for Ground Support De-icing System by David Clark Company

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The Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is engineered to solve the problem of communicating in high-noise environments with a mobile vehicle platform. Fire apparatus, rescue vehicles, ambulances, command and control vehicles, airline deicers and paint stripers are but a few applications that currently benefit from the Series 3800 system.


C38-xx Series Jumper Cords are designed to connect all modules within a Series 3800 intercom system to the U3800 Master Station, thereby establishing a communication network. Also used to interface a U9922-G38 Wireless Gateway to the 3800 system, increasing system versatility by providing a link for up to 4 wireless users.


They are constructed with heavy-duty, 4-conductor, shielded cable and 4-pin MS-type connectors on each end. Available in 12, 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100 foot lengths (number after dash indicates length in feet.)




4-conductor shielded cable with 4-pin MS connectors on each end

Number after dash in model number indicates length in feet

C3402 (2 ft.) and C3408 (8 ft.) jumper cords also available

Defense Products & Services: C38-XX Jumper Cord for Ground Support De-icing System by David Clark Company
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Description: C38-XX Jumper Cord for Ground Support De-icing System
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