C90 Reusable 90 mm Caliber Weapon System by Instalaza

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Instalaza SA
Monreal, 27
50002 Zaragoza

The reloadable weapon system of the C90 Family 90 mm caliber Weapon System for infantry composed of:

- Reusable launcher Tube with optical sight and firing mechanism

- A variety of ammunition types (anti-tank, dual purpose, anti-bunker, smoke-incendiary, enhanced blast) The system has an, integrated, 2,5X optical sight.


A night vision device called VN38-C can be used, it does not require boresighting and can be attached and removed in the battlefield within seconds. VN38-C includes interchangeable optics in order to be used also for surveillance purposes with 3.3X magnification. Also a laser rangefinder can be mounted for precise target distance measurement.




- Lightest 90 mm caliber reusable weapon system in the world with a weight of 3,9 kg (without ammunition)

- Recoilless < 4 J

- High Accuracy. It is fired from the shoulder with an effective range of 350 m for point targets and 700 m for area targets

- Extremely comfortable and easy to use


Ammunition Technical Specifications


                                CR-RB            CR-AM            CR-FIM           CR-BK            CR-EB

                               Anti-tank       Dual purpose       Smoke        Anti-bunker     Enhanced Blast

                                                        anti-armour +


Weight                      2,8 kg             2,8 kg               3,4 kg             3,2 kg             3,2 kg

Efective range          350 m             350 m               650 m            350 m             700 m

                            (point target)    (point target)    (area target)   (point target)  (area target)

                                                        700 m

                                                    (area target)           

Penetration              480 mm          220 mm                –                140 mm                –

                            (armour steel)  (armour steel)                        (armour steel)

                                  1,2 m             0,65 m                                    300 mm

                              (concrete)          (concrete)                  (concrete Ø> 50 mm, for 2nd

                                                                                             warhead follow-through) 

Fragments                   –                 >1.000                   –                >400                    –

(inside bunker)      

Overpressure              –                      –                       –                    –                   750 kPa

in confined spaces  

Defense Products & Services: C90 Reusable 90 mm Caliber Weapon System by Instalaza
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Description: C90 Reusable 90 mm Caliber Weapon System
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