CA210 Signal Analysis Software by Rohde & Schwarz

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The R&S®CA210 is a software solution for technical offline analysis of recorded signals and wideband signal scenarios. It provides analysis functions for fixed frequency emissions as well as for the investigation of burst transmissions.


Key facts


Signal extraction from the wideband signal record using digital downconversion (DDC)

Time and frequency domain signal analysis for determining technical parameters

Covering the measurement methods specified in the ITU-R SM.1600 recommendation

Automatic detection of signals in wideband signal scenarios

Automatic recognition of modulation parameters including channel code/transmission system classification

Comprehensive library of demodulators and decoders (in combination with R&S®CA100 PC-based signal analysis and signal processing software, installed on the same PC)


Features & Benefits


Modern and comfortable graphical user interface for controlling all analysis functions and efficient result presentation

- Project explorer showing all signal samples and calculated analysis results

- Time domain analysis for selected emissions following the ITU recommendation ITU-R SM.1600


Large variety of sources for signal acquisition

- Processing of recorded digital signal data

- Calculation of signal-adapted spectrograms

- Selection of emissions of interest


Automatic signal detection for fast and reliable results

- Wideband signal sample investigation

- Detected emissions listed in a table and highlighted in the spectrogram


Automatic signal classification

- Powerful classifier

- Using demodulators and decoders (in combination with an additional R&S®CA100 installed on the same PC)


Automatic processing of detected signals

- Automatic processing of signal scenarios

- Fully automatic signal processing with userdefined rules via script editor


Detailed interactive modulation analysis

- In-depth modulation analysis

- Technical parameters of unknown signals

- Using automatic and manual measurement together


In-depth analysis of modern OFDM signals

- Guided step-by-step analysis of unknown OFDM modulated signals

- OFDM signal characteristics

- OFDM modulation parameters

- OFDM demodulation and allocation


Integration in COMINT solutions

- Demodulation and decoding of signals (using an additional R&S®CA100 or R&S®CA120)

- Performing analysis of recorded unknown signals (in combination with R&S®RAMON/R&S®CA120)

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