Cartridge 105mm HE M1 for Artillery by Hellenic Defence Systems

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Hellenic Defence Systems SA
1, Ilioupoleos Ave.
172 36 - Hymettus, Attica

Cartridge 105mm HE M1 is used with various 105mm Howitzers, such as US M49 with M52, M52A1 cannons, M2A1 & M2A2 with M101, M101A1 cannons, M103 with M108 cannon, M137 with M102 cannon as well as NATO L14 MOD56 and L5.


Cartridge 105mm HE M1 is of semi-fixed type ammunition, using adjustable propelling charges in order to achieve desirable ranges.


The projectile producing both fragmentation and blast effects, can be used against personnel and material targets.


EAS’ Cartridge 105mm HE M1 complies fully with all NATO military specifications and test methods.


Technical Description


The Cartridge 105mm HE M1 consists of:

Projectile: Hollow Steel forging

High Explosive Charge: TNT (2,09 Kg)

Supplementary Charge: TNT (0,14 Kg)

Cartridge Case: M14

Propelling Charge: M67 (7 propelling charge increments)

Percussion Primer: M28B2

Fuze: PD M557P1 or equivalent


Technical Data


Total Length                         790 mm

Total Weight                         18,15 kg

Temperature Limits

Operation:                            -40°C to +52°C

Storage:                               -62°C to +71°C


Ballistic Data


Cannon Charge                    M52               M52A1,                      M102             M103




Cannon Charge                    1                        7                               1                     7

Muzzle Velocity (m/s)         198,1               472,4                         205,0               494,0

Maximum Range (m)          3.510              11.270                       3.700               11.500





1 cartridge 105mm HE M1 per fiber container

2 fiber containers per wire-bound wooden box

15 wooden boxes (30 cartridges) per wooden pallet with:

Volume:                                 0.057 m3

Gross Weight:                       55 kg


Packaging secures safe land, sea and air transportation and long term storage.

Other packaging configuration are available, to meet specific customer needs.

Defense Products & Services: Cartridge 105mm HE M1 for Artillery by Hellenic Defence Systems
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Description: Cartridge 105mm HE M1 for Artillery
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