Cartridge 105mmX609 for MBT Guns by Hellenic Defence Systems

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Hellenic Defence Systems SA
1, Ilioupoleos Ave.
172 36 - Hymettus, Attica

Cartridge 105mm x 609 Target Practice Tracer (TPT) is used with 105mm caliber Tank guns M68 and L7 for Training in marksmanship. EAS’ 105mm x 609 TPT ammunition complies fully with all NATO military specifications and test methods.


Technical Description


Cartridge 105mm x 609 TPT is similar in external appearance and ballistic data to TPT cartridge of M490 series. The Projectile consists of a steel body, an aluminum stand off spike and a boom and fin assembly with tracer which burns for a minimum of 2,5 seconds.


The brass cartridge case is filled with loosely packed propellant and is fitted with an electric Primer.


Technical Data


Length (max)                        999,3 mm

Weight                                  20,385 kg

Temperature Limits

Operation:                            -40°C to +52°C

Storage:                               -62°C to +71°C


Ballistic Data

Muzzle velocity (at 24m)      1.170 m/s

Maximum Range                  8.207 m



1 Cartridge per fiber container

2 fiber containers per wooden box with:

Volume:                                 0,0935m3

Gross Weight:                       59,8Kg


Packaging secures safe land, sea and air transportation and long term storage.

Other packaging configuration are available, to meet specific customer needs.

Defense Products & Services: Cartridge 105mmX609 for MBT Guns by Hellenic Defence Systems
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Description: Cartridge 105mmX609 for MBT Guns
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