CARTRIDGE 30MM (Goal Keeper) MPDS K164 FMPDS K165

Companies & Organizations:

Republic of Korea

Poongsan Corporation
Poongsan Bldg., 23, Chungjeong-ro
Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 120-837

Newly conceptualized piercing and frangible ammunition made of prefragmented tungsten balls, effective against aerial targets including missiles as well as surface targets for close-in defense of ships.


Projectile            Heavy alloy of Tungsten
Case                   Aluminum alloy
Propellant           K681
Primer                 Percussion, M36A2



GAU 8/A Gatling gun



Packed with Metal Box

in service and production

Weight (g)                              Approx. 625
Length (mm)                          290 Max.
Weight of Projectile (g)          Approx. 314
Chamber Pressure (psi)        64,525 Max.
Firing Rate                             4,200rpm
Muzzle Velocity (mps)           1,150 Min.
Maximum Range (m)            12,000

Defense Products & Services: CARTRIDGE 30MM (Goal Keeper) MPDS K164 FMPDS K165
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Defense Products & Services Sectors: Ammunition, naval
Description: CARTRIDGE 30MM (Goal Keeper) MPDS K164 FMPDS K165
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Poongsan Corporation