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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The Cas-e-bag is constructed using the same well established high frequency welding and materials that are used on the PPS Negative Pressure ISO-CAPsule and EN1073-1 approved Nuclear Suits. As a result it provides a higher level of protection than current emergency processes.


Due to its unique design, the casualty evacuation bag also provides the medical staff with the ability to constantly monitor the patient’s condition, while reducing the risk of exposure to themselves and the surrounding environment. This ability to monitor the patient and gain access to them when required can increase the survival rate when compared with other more restrictive methods of transporting contaminated patients.




Main access zip to ensure smooth entry and exit of patient

Chest access zip to facilitate defibrillation and other procedures around the heart and chest area

Allows fresh breathing air to patient and reduces risk of inhaling contaminated air within bag

Face seal around face to reduce risk of contamination outside of the bag

Flexible waterproof board and marker to record notes on patient

Integrated isolation sleeves allow medical staff to acces patient to administer care during transportation

Patient capacity up to 150kg

Super lightweight for easy use and storage

Meets material mechanical and flammability requirements per BS EN 1073-1:1998*

Meets stretcher load testing requirements per BS EN 1865:2010**

Meets requirements of medical devices directive 93-42-EEC


* BS EN 1073-1:1998 Protective clothing against radioactive contamination. Requirements and test methods for ventilated protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination.

** BS EN 1865:2010 Patient handling equipment used in road ambulances. Part 1: Specification for general stretcher systems and patient handling equipment.

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