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Cleaning is a essential process stage prior to any surface treatment. Its quality has a direct effect on the quality of the final products. To meet the variety of demands, we offer you a broad range of highly efficient and eco-friendly cleaner technologies.


The cleaning step is for most of applications a essential process prior to any further surface treatment activities. It should provide a residue-free and wettable surface, which meets the requirements of the following process steps, usually a water-based conversion coating. The quality of the cleaning process correlates directly with the quality of the final product.


Clean surfaces


The term “clean surface” stands as a synonym for very individual requirements to the surface quality. To meet the variety of demands and markets you can choose from one of the most comprehensive product ranges of cleaners: from standard products to high-performance and eco-friendly technologies.


Special requirements for cleaners are:


- storage protection

- to provide an uniform high reactivity for chemical surface treatment and galvanizing

- weld-ability

- protection from staining (important in the beverage can industry)

- gloss properties (e.g. for application on polished Al-wheels) / matting or brightening

- and of course suitable for paint application and bonding


Ecological and commercial advantages


Beside the qualitative requirements, economical and ecological criteria become more and more important. A part of this is for example a simple automated process control just as well the possibility for an efficient and cost-saving bath-maintenance to increase bath life-time. This could be for e.g. a wastewater-free unit with an evaporator or a static separator for demulsifying cleaner systems.


Our technology portfolio:


Ardrox® interior cleaners for Aerospace applications

Ardrox® exterior cleaners for Aerospace applications

Ardrox® general cleaners for Aerospace applications

Ardrox® paint carbon and oxide removers for Aerospace applications

Ardrox® in-process cleaners for Aerospace applications

Gardoclean® cleaners as part of a pretreatment process

Gardoclean® T for anodizing processes

Gardoclean® P plastic cleaners

Gardoclean® R corrosion protection agents

Gardoclean® A for equipment care and interoperational cleaners

Gardacid® P pickling product


Industries we serve:



Aluminium Finishing


Automotive Components

Coil Industry

Metal Forming

General Industry

Heavy Equipment, Off-Road

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