CLT Series Communication Site on Light Truck (COLT) by Will-Burt Company

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The CLT Series Communication-Site-on-Light Truck (COLT) is a completely integrated solution that can be deployed almost anywhere. The CLT is designed to accommodate single or tandem vertically mounted pneumatic masts, a fully equipped communications equipment shelter, power generation, and a mast access platform integrated a top a heavy-duty truck chassis.


The CLT Series is custom designed and accessorized by ITS according to individual customer specifications. The model series designates a standard 29,000-36,000 lb capacity GVWR truck that incorporates a rugged equipment and personnel shelter having typical dimensions to 16’L x 8’W x 9’6″H. ITS climate controlled shelters are steel skid-integrated structures that feature as standard, minimum (2) 2-ton each (48,000 BTU) HVAC, 200A load center with populated receptacles, manual or auto transfer switch, interior, exterior and emergency lighting, halo grounding system, entry/smoke/fire alarm terminal block, waveguide entry provisions, telco board, generator and shore power ports and detachable entry steps.


A single or tandem heavy-duty mast system features self-supporting or guyed, locking or non-locking pneumatic mast(s) secured to the shelter and plumbed to an integrated air supply system. A convenient payload installation and optional secondary mast operating platform allows for safe deployment by a single operator.


Integrated Tower Systems is recognized as the world’s premier OEM-source for rapid-deployment Portable Tower Systems, Communication Site on Light Truck (“COWS” and “COLTS”), and Mast-, Satellite- and Tower-Integrated Mobile Command and Communication Centers. An innovative and extensive line of Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS), customized and Military-Spec portable tower solutions support the emergency response, temporary and long-term communications, surveillance, test and other common and proprietary requirements of a global clientele. When situations require higher payload elevation and/or heavier payload capacity, Integrated Tower Systems self-supporting telescopic lattice tower structures deliver the ultimate in performance. ITS towers can elevate payloads from 38 feet (11.5 m) to 106 feet (32 m) standard, and customized to 130 feet (39.5 m)




- Flexible Design Allows for a variety of truck configurations, shelter sizes, and single or tandem mast alternatives.

- Ease of Operation User-friendly and reliable pneumatic operating system; integrated safety and security features.

- Model Customization Multiple truck chassis lengths, payload capacities and braking systems coupled with a variety of shelter and pneumatic mast alternatives afford customers an opportunity to select from a variety typical or custom model configurations.


CLT Series Specifications


Truck GVWR Capacity

29,000 – 36,000 lbs.

Standard Shelter Size

8′-16′ L x 8′ W x 9’6″ H

Standard Mast Height

up to 60 ft.

Custom Mast Height

up to 76 ft.

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