Coastal Surveillance Security System by OIP Sensor Systems

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OIP Sensor Systems Coastal Surveillance and Management System (ICSS) is a highly sophisticated, multi-layer system employing advanced surveillance from autonomous, remotely operated sites. These sites feature long-range coastal surveillance radar, integrated and synchronized with an integrated long-range day-night video surveillance system (LEXIS).


Each site is a self-sufficient unit, in terms of power, communication, site security and processing. This enables independent deployment of sites in stages.

The system is remote-controlled from a central control room. All the data from the sites is routed to the central control room via wireless, fiber-optic, or other existing communication infrastructure, where it is processed and displayed.


Advantages include:


- High probability of detection, identification and classification of maritime targets and low-altitude aircraft (by radars and EO sensors).

- Advanced functions for evaluating and analyzing tactical information

- Fast and robust processing to allow handling of high-density environments

- Fast, wide and reliable method of collection and distribution of information among physically scattered decision makers

- Minimum work force - high level of automation

- Cost effective - easy to operate and maintain

- Flexible design for configuration changes



The core of this system is comprised of :


- High performance, long-range coast surveillance radar, specially adapted to coastal and sea environments (clutter and sea environment)

- High quality long-range day/night/laser observation systems, employing third generation thermal imagers

- Observation towers complete with their own power unit, perimeter fence and site security

- Wide-band wireless communication modules for each coastal surveillance site

- Optional mobile surveillance vehicles for coverage of areas not covered by the towers

- Personal surveillance sensors, such as hand-held third generation thermal imagers, night vision goggles and personal equipment

- Digitized control centre facilitating coastal surveillance and management software, large LCD displays, digital maps and high tech control console for the operators.

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