Compass 4 Militaire by BCB International

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The “full-size” base plate compass for experienced navigators. Contains everything you need in a compass and has added functionality for GPS. The Expedition 4 is used by many defence forces around the world


- Compass housing made from Dryflex™ – rounded base plate – comfortable and fits any hand size

- Patented red/black orienting lines – easy and “fool proof” to take bearings

- Map measuring scales mm, inch Romer scales, 1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k


compatible with basically any map.


- Luminous markings – enables night navigation

- Friction feet – increases precision in map work

- Hole for marking positions on map with pen pencil


increasing precision


- Built in magnifier for detailed map reading

Defense Products & Services: Compass 4 Militaire by BCB International
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Description: Compass 4 Militaire
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