Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM) Services by ABI Electronics

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

ABI Electronics Limited
Dodworth Business Park
Barnsley South Yorkshire S75 3SP

ABI Electronics offers a complete range of services to cover all aspects of contract electronics manufacturing. These services include:


- Full materials procurement

- Automated and manual assembly from bare board through to final boxed and packaged unit

- Cable assembly and wire looms

- Design for manufacture

- Test, inspection and repair

- Prototyping and volume manufacture

- Component programming (in-system as well as out of circuit)


At ABI, quality, flexibility and customer satisfaction are paramount. We aim not just to become yet another supplier, but a true partner. We can offer low set up costs and unrivalled fast turnaround times at an extremely competitive cost.



How do we manage it?


We are renowned throughout the world for our range of electronics test, measurement and diagnostic equipment thanks to over 30 years experience in the industry and a global reputation for quality and service.

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