COSA Communication Open System Architecture by Telephonics Corporation

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United States of America

Telephonics Corporation
815 Broad Hollow Road
Farmingdale, New York 11735

Telephonics’ COSA Intercommunications System (ICS), developed and deployed on the C-17A Globemaster, is a highly integrated radio management system that provides full ICS capability as well as radio suite management in one system.


The Telephonics Advantage


- Provides 8 user and 40 radio interfaces as well as both MIL-STD-1553 remote terminal and bus controller capabilities, Automatic Gain Control (AGC)/Voice Operated Transmission (VOX), Central Aural Warning System (CAWS) and extensive backup/redundant capabilities

- Built on a Versa Module Europa (VME) bus architecture


Additional Benefits


- Crew access panels include a multi-button display unit, providing full radio situational awareness

- COSA supports the addition of Telephonics’ VME-based Virtual Network Interface Card (VNIC) to support added functionality

- Radio/navigation control unit containing a 4x5 in., programmable LCD display interfaced directly to the Communications Control Unit (CCU)

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