CP001 Antenna Remote Control Software by Rohde & Schwarz

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The R&S®CP001 ANTENNA REMOTE CONTROL SOFTWARE Antenna Remote Control Software can be used to control the following antenna systems from Rohde & Schwarz.


R&S®AC008, R&S®AC090, R&S®AC120, R&S®AC180 and R&S®AC300 including feeds and additional antennas

R&S®RD016 Rotator in conjunction with R&S®GB016 (Model 03) Control Unit

R&S®HL451 and R&S®ANTENNA HL471 Antenna in combination with R&S®ANTENNA ROTATOR RD130 Antenna Rotator and R&S®BG030 or R&S®CONTROL UNIT GB130 Control Unit

R&S®ANTENNA HL007A2 Antenna in combination with R&S®ZS107 polarization selector

R&S®HL024S2, R&S®HL024S7, R&S®HL024S8, R&S®HL024S9 and R&S®HL050S7 log-periodic antennas in combination with R&S®GB016

The control unit of the particular antenna system is connected to the controlling computer (PC) via a serial interface.


R&S®CP001 can be used in standalone mode or in a multi-workstation network in which multiple antenna systems are controlled by several PCs.


Features & Benefits


Standardized operating concept for different systems

Control routines can be integrated into customer-specific software projects

Supports RS-232-C, RS-485 and LAN interfaces




System requirements          Windows XP operating system


 Hardware                            RS-232-C, RS485

 Software                             TCP/IP socket

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