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Helping you develop, deploy and cost-effectively use cryptographic technology.


Cryptography is an important tool in the fight to protect information. Specialising in network encryption, we provide a number of services and solutions to allow the use of cryptography with confidence.


PRIME is the UK's framework for ensuring interoperability between networked cryptographic devices, where certified PRIME compliant devices provide a secure IP tunnel that allows trusted entities and networks to securely exchange data over an un-trusted network. Roke is considered to be the world's leading crypto product independent experts in the PRIME standard.


What We Do

Crypto Configuration and Management Tools


Roke's crypto management solutions save you time and money whilst reducing the risk of downtime caused by accidental miss-configuration errors. Our solutions also enable you to increase your network agility and flexibility.



Blueprint Network Design and Management is a unique software tool which enables quick and easy design, deployment and management of network cryptographic endpoints.


GOLDBACH (PRIME PTS Server) is a standardised crypto discovery service. Our PTS Server solution enables crypto devices to locate one another to enable secure communication channels to be established within dynamically changing network environments such as for mobile devices, devices located behind NAT devices or challenging bearer scenarios.



Crypto Device and System Testing

We provide independent conformance, interoperability and performance testing of cryptographic devices, and secure systems that use cryptographic devices. More than a 'tick-box test lab', we work with our crypto test clients to identify any shortcoming or defects, and advise on the most cost effective route to mitigating problems before they occur in the field. Our fully customisable testing programme not only includes device, stress and performance testing but also system integration and testing of the full network topology. Read more about our Test & Evaluation Services.



Our Background

We have been working with modern high assurance cryptographic devices since 2010, from legacy HAIPE® devices to new PRIME and MIKEY SAKKE crypto, based on open standards developed through the IETF (of which Roke has been contributing to for over 20 years).

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