CSM8100 Troposcatter 8E1/IP Multiplexer by Comtech Systems

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United States of America

Comtech Systems, Inc
2900 Titan Row
Orlando, FL 32809

The CSM8100 22 Mbps Multiplexer is the world’s first E1 and IP multiplexer designed specifically for operation over terrestrial troposcatter communications links. The CSM8100 multiplexer provides unparalleled performance when measured against other commercially available TDM multiplexers or router-based circuit emulation hardware.


Robust framing protection, using redundant bit stuffing control bits with time diversity, protects the bit count integrity (BCI) of each of the eight E1 PDH data streams. In addition, the multiplexer framing structure and receive correlator supports continuous operation in the deepest of Rayleigh fading environments.


In addition, the multiplexer serves as a 10/100 base-T Ethernet bridge in support of IP based data, voice and video traffic. SMSC’s LAN8700 PHY and a Comtech Systems proprietary MAC interface with MDIO control support the transparent data packet bridging. The CSM8100 supports up to 20 Mbps of WAN/LAN based traffic.


Key Features:


• Fully compatible with CSI’s family of troposcatter modems

• Aggregate data rates to 22 Mbps

• Full duplex operation

• Mitigates against multi-path distortion

• Programmable from 0 to 8 E1 PDH data streams

• (ITU) G.703,2.048 Mbps, HDB3 encoding/decoding, 120 ohm

• Transformer coupled, balanced interfaces

• 10/100 base-T IP WAN/LAN Bridge

• Up to 22 Mbps data rate supported

• Any aggregate rate supported

• HSSI or RS530/422 aggregate Interface (programmable)

• ±48 VDC operation

• RS422 Remote Terminal status port

• Front panel control and status LED’s

• Major alarm indication -Form-C contacts

• 1 - R/U 19 in. rack mount configuration

• 6.5 lb AGW

• 10 W (maximum power consumption)

• -20 °C to 55 °C operating temperature range


Technical specifications:


Aggregate Interface

HSSI or RS530 (User Selectable)


Aggregate Rates

E1 modes                             20 Mbps (manual mode), 2 Mbps to 22 Mbps (auto mode)

IP only mode                        Up to 22 Mbps


User Interfaces


E1 Interfaces

Front panel selectable for 4.6 and 8

E1 interfaces (ITU) G.703,2.048 Mb/s,HDB3,120 ohm

Transformer coupled, balanced interfaces

RJ45 rear panel connectors


IP Interface

IP 10/100bT WAN/L.AN Ethernet Bridge


Built-in Packet Traffic Cop throttles link data rate

Data rates from 4 Mb.s to 22 Mb/s (user selectable)

All aggregate rates possible in IP only mode

RJ45 rear panel connectors



Height                                   1.75 in. (4.45 cm) (1 RU)

Width                                    19 in. (48.2cm) rack mount configuration (slide mounting holes)

Depth                                    18 in. (45.7 cm)


Monitor and Control


Front Panel Control

IP Only                                  All bandwidth allocated to IP data traffic

Auto                                      0 to 8 E1s slaved to CS67200 Modem, provides maximum

                                              number of E1’s for selected modem data rate

Manual                                  Defaults to E1 select switch

E1Select                               E 1 selection of 4, 6, or 8 E1s


Status LEDs

Power                                   48 VDC power indicators

Data activity                         DCE input timing detection

Auto mode                           Indicates CS67200 Modem (slaved) mode of operation

Alarm                                   Indicates major alarm is present



Remote status                     RS422 Remote Terminal Port for configuration and status

Major alarm indication         LED and rear panel Form-C contacts

Power                                  ±48 VDC,100 W maximum

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