CZ P-07 MOD. TR Pistol

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Czech Republic

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Svatopluka Čecha 1283
Uherský Brod

The CZ P-07 is a polymer compact pistol, designed primarily as a service weapon and for concealed carry. The CZ P-07 follows the successful CZ 75 P-07 DUTY, while bringing a number of innovative features.



Innovative materials
The new surface finish of the slide, barrel and some other components markedly increases the resistance of the weapon to mechanical damage as well as to corrosion. The new material of the frame is glassfibre-reinforced polymer, ensuring dimensional stability as well as a resistance to rough handling.



Shooter’s comfort
The exchangeable backstraps enable to adapt the weapon to the ergonomics and needs of the user. They are available in three sizes - S, M, L, and are a part of the standard package. The weapon is rounded overall, with all sharp edges removed. There were added the front serrations on the slide for better gun handling. Also the trigger and the hammer were adapted as well. The magazine capacity is 15 rounds in the 9x19 calibre and 12 rounds in the .40 S&W calibre. This capacity could be further increased to 17 (9x19) and 15 (.40 S&W) rounds, respectively, using the magazine extensions that are also part of the package.



Retained is the well-proven Omega trigger mechanism, which allows, besides other advantages, an easy selection of the safety features of the weapon – choosing either a manual safety or decocking. The safety levers are ambidextrous, also the magazine catch could be handed as preferred. Every single weapon is factory-zeroed to 15 metres, the test target sheet is included in the package.



Tritium sights, optical fibre sights
Textile and polymer holsters, suitable for service and concealed carry
Tactical lights and laser aiming modules compatible to the MIL-STD 1913 (as allowed by the legislation)
Simunition adapters for the CQT and FX ammunition (as allowed by the legislation)
Suppressors (as allowed by the legislation)

in service and production

Caliber (rate of twist)

9 mm Luger (9,8")

Magazine Capacity


Trigger mechanism operation






Overall length

185 mm

Barrel length

95 mm


130 mm


37 mm


780 g


hammer forged

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