D-CASS EA11570 Transportable Radar System by Easat Antennas

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The EA11570 is Easat's compact Tactical Deployable Air Surveillance Antenna. It can be supplied either trailer mounted or palletized. The antenna system is self-contained and capable of being transported by ship, aeroplane, helicopter or towed to site.


Key Benefits


S-band & L-band lightweight carbon fibre antenna

Lightweight composite pedestal

Operates in IFF/MSSR

Robust design structure

Full MIL and DEF-STAN Qualification

20 year design life

Antenna and pedestal mounted on bespoke 20ft pallet

Rapid set-up

Defense Products & Services: D-CASS EA11570 Transportable Radar System by Easat Antennas
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Description: D-CASS EA11570 Transportable Radar System
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