DAHLGREN DECON Decontamination Solution by First Line Technology

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DAHLGREN DECON decontamination solution is a three-component solution that can immediately decontaminate chemical and biological warfare agents.  In testing conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies, Dahlgren Decon has been found to be the most effective (in both chemical and biological efficacy) and fastest reacting decontaminant on the market.


In addition to decontaminating an array of threats, Dahlgren Decon’s neutral pH, non-toxic by-products, and non-flammability allow for decontamination of personal protective equipment (PPE), sensitive equipment, and critical infrastructure.



Decontamination chemistries need to be thoroughly mixed to yield 100% efficacy. This is true of all decontamination solutions – Dahlgren Decon, DF200, and even traditional bleach-based products – because mixing truly activates each products’ active ingredients.




Dahlgren Decon is supplied as three individual components, mixed by the end user, and then loaded into any spray applicator of choice. Applicators can be supplied as part of a kit, when desired, for an additional cost.

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