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The Astronautics family of Data Concentrator Units (DCUs) is composed of modular analog-to-digital and digital-to-digital conversion devices that are tailored to specific avionics requirements. 


The DCUs are dual channel, fully redundant computers supporting real-time conversion of aircraft and engine sensor data into a digital format provided typically over ARINC-429 interfaces to Engine Indicator & Crew Alerting System (EICAS) displays, avionics computers and any other modern glass cockpit displays that requires engine/aircraft sensor data in a digitized form.


ARINC-664 Remote Data Concentration is also available.  The Engine DCUs interface with engine temperature, pressure and RPM sensors, providing digitization values of all engine, hydraulic & power plant sensors. The Engine DCUs converts all inputs into a digital format, conditions the signals and performs any required filtering and data conversion computation.




Processes Ng (Engine Tachometer), Torque Pressure, Inlet Turbine Temperature, Fuel Quantity, Fuel Flow, Engine Oil Pressure, Engine Oil Temperature, Loadmeters (DC, Amps), Outside Air Temperature, Prop Tachometer, Hydraulic Pressure, and Warnings, Cautions & Annunciations

ARINC-429, RS-232, RS-422

Analog inputs include Strain gauge, mV DC measurement, Capacitor input, RDT, Synchro I/O, Analog I/O (AC, DC), Thermocouple, and Input & tachometer frequency inputs

Alerts generated when parameters are exceeded, out of range values and/or combination of values from different sensors and/or state of input discrete

Standard processing and redundant architecture

Interfaces tailored to aircraft requirements

Single, dual, and quad engine configurations are available

TSO certified Design Assurance Level A




Programmable functions matched to specific power plant and aircraft requirements

Dual redundant computers

High mission readiness

Flight critical hardware and software

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