DDF1GTX High-Speed Scanning HF Direction Finder by Rohde & Schwarz

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The R&S®DDF1GTX high-speed scanning HF direction finder allows parallel direction finding of all signals across the entire HF range, ensuring the fastest speed while delivering outstanding DF accuracy, sensitivity and immunity to reflections. The optional super-resolution DF method in conjunction with the optional beamforming 1) makes the direction finder ideal for complex signal scenarios.


  1. Available on request.


Key facts


Fastest DF measurement speed thanks to N-channel architecture and 30 MHz realtime bandwidth

Superior DF accuracy, sensitivity and immunity to reflections due to N-channel architecture with parallel sampling of all antenna elements and 30 MHz realtime bandwith

Maximum sensitivity and suppression of co-channel interference in receive mode using the optional beamforming

Super-resolution DF method (optional)

Complies with all relevant ITU recommendations; ITU-compliant measurements available as an option


Features & Benefits


Fastest scan speed and highest probability of intercept

- N-channel architecture with 9 coherent receive channels

- 30 MHz realtime bandwidth

- Parallel measurement of all signals across the HF range in just one test step


Powerful hardware developed by Rohde & Schwarz

- In-house development and manufacture of all DF system components, including the DF antenna

- Signal processing at maximum speed based on powerful FPGAs

- High immunity to strong signals thanks to sophisticated preselection

- Superior frequency accuracy and stability


Innovative DF antenna technology

- Extra-large antenna aperture

- Active/passive switchover with just one mouse click


Exceptionally high detection sensitivity

- Particularly low digital inherent noise through use of high bit depth in digital signal processing

- Particularly high adjustable channel resolution


Accurate and reliable location of short-duration signals

- Synchronization of multiple R&S®DDF1GTX for time-synchronized DF scan mode

- Integrated GPS module as a high-precision time and frequency reference

- Optional preclassifier for detecting LPI signals and summarizing individual DF results into a condensed result


Wideband super-resolution

- Direction finding for co-channel signals

- Optional wideband super-resolution

- Maximum performance


Effective measurements in line with ITU recommendations

- Option for ITU-compliant measurements on signal parameters for AM, FM and PM-modulated signals


Signal analysis in parallel with direction finding

- Output of I/Q data for parallel signal analysis with R&S®CA120




Frequency range                 base unit                                          300 kHz to 30 MHz

DF method                          base unit                                          correlative interferometer (CI mode)

                                             with R&S®DDFGTX-SR                  wideband super-resolution (SR mode)


Number of coherent                                                                      10

measurement channels                           

Instrument DF accuracy                                                                typ. 0.2° RMS

System DF accuracy1)         with R&S®ADD011SRX                   typ. 0.5° RMS

                                             (model .1x)  

Realtime bandwith                adjustable                                        up to 30 MHz

DF sensitivity                                                                                on request

Instrument DF sensitivity      100 Hz channel spacing,                 typ. -147 dBm

                                              2 MHz           

DF scan speed2)                  100% channel occupancy,

                                             CI mode, normal selectivity,

                                             in line with Report

                                             ITU-R SM.2125       

                                             1.25 kHz channel spacing               > 35 GHz/s

Processing speed2)              CI mode                                          up to 28 000 000 channels/s

Minimum signal duration       for single burst signal, 95% POI,    40 µs

                                             normal selectivity, in line with

                                             Report ITU-R SM.2125      

Preselection                          highpass/lowpass filters per           10, switchable

                                              measurement channel      

Frequency resolution            adjustable, depends on realtime     up to 10 Hz

(channel spacing)                 bandwidth setting  

Dynamic range                     depends on realtime bandwidth       up to 173 dB

                                             and channel spacing setting

                                             (incl. AGC)    


1) Measurement in reflection-free environment. The RMS error is calculated from the bearings of evenly distributed samples versus azimuth and the frequency according to ITU-R SM 2125.


2) DF scan range narrower than realtime bandwidth.

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