deFNder® Light Remote Weapon Stations by FN Herstal

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FN Herstal SA
Voie de Liege 33
B-4040 Herstal

The deFNder® Remote Weapon Stations provide optimized remote firing capability day and night while keeping the operator completely under armor protection. The deFNder® Light is the light weight remote weapon station of FN Herstal RWS family. It can integrate all FN Herstal machine guns up to 7.62mm caliber and is capable of extreme elevation and depression angles of operation.




24/7 operations with day and night camera

Optimized footprint

Gyroscopic stabilization

Target tracking and image stabilization

Laser range finder for ballistic calculation

Wide angles of operation

Round counter and burst limitation

Compatible with “turret onto turret” applications

Weapon, sight system and HMI modularity

Interface with other sensors and BMS

Qualified to the highest military standards

Built In Test

Only officially qualified Remote Weapon Stations with FN Herstal machine guns




Weapons                              FN MINIMI® 5.56

                                             FN MINIMI® 7.62

                                             FN MAG®


Traverse angles                    N x 360°

Elevation angles                   -60°; +80°

Height                                   < 530mm

Weight                                  ~ 100 kg fully loaded (without options)

Ammunition box                    250 rounds 7.62mm          

Defense Products & Services: deFNder® Light Remote Weapon Stations by FN Herstal
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Description: deFNder® Light Remote Weapon Stations
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