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Design to Manufacture and Prototyping


Today's electronics require a complex integration between different technologies. The interaction between hardware and software, high density boards and fine pitch devices all have unique challenges. In addition, low power, environmentally friendly designs are now expected rather than being a bonus.




            ABI is able to help and advise in all areas:


Working with you to ensure the design meets your needs and offers value for money

Ensuring flexible product designs that can respond to your developing needs

Rapid product development with visibility at all stages

Managing prototype production and testing

Volume manufacture on a fully procured or free issue basis


ABI can also perform:


Circuit design

Schematic capture and PCB layout

Design for test and manufacture

Embedded software

Systems and firmware design

Graphical User Interface design

Software drivers for PC applications

Technology re-design



Re-engineering and re-design



At ABI, we can re-design an old design, improve it, convert it to SMT and also, in the process, reduce the cost of parts and/or manufacturing. Our team of engineers have developed complex test and measurement equipment for more than 30 years and have a wealth of experience to offer.




At ABI, we specialise in short runs and prototyping with fast turn arounds, so you can try us out without any long-term commitment. Once you've experienced our consistently high level of service, professional approach, and wide-ranging technological resources, it won't be too difficult to see us as your external team, helping you to meet your customers’ demands.




Our facility is able to provide a one-off or small batch prototyping service. Whether your design is digital, analogue or both, we have the best tools with which to put your design into production. Our comprehensive feedback philosophy will ensure that your new design makes the transition from prototype to production smoothly.

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