Didgori Armoured Patrol Vehicle by Britannia 2000

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The Didgori family of 4x4 armoured vehicles is well protected, highly manoeuvrable and versatile. Suitable for multiple roles in today's rapidly changing urban and battlefield environment, the Didgori can provide the backbone of a complete multi-role fleet with common logistic support.


Designed, constructed and assembled using the latest technology to provide up to date standards of superior protection and comfort for the crew. The Didgori has a maximum 120km/h speed on paved roads and can navigate well in any terrain or climate condition.


The body structure is designed specifically to have optimal angles of armoured plate protection ensuring maximum effectiveness against kinetic and mine blast threats. The interior details are focused on providing the crew with maximum comfort and protection.


Based on the Ford F550 super heavy duty truck, all the mechanical components of the Drakon are time proven and have a world wide service network. To further enhance reliability, all of the Drakon's vital mechanical components have been further strengthened to military standards, with some of the components being fully replaced with high-end military equivalents in order to ensure reliability, long service life and perfect weight distribution.


The Didgori has a modular body structure that can be fully custom tailored to customer's requirements for various missions:


Armoured personnel carrier

Armoured reconnaissance vehicle

Medical evacuation vehicle

Command and Control Unit

Fire support vehicle (open turret machine gun)

Patrol vehicle (remotely controlled weapon station)

Platform for anti-tank guided missiles

Platform for surface-to-air missiles

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