DLEM 30 Laser Rangefinders by Jenoptik Optical Systems

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The DLEM 30 Laser Rangefinder measures distances to non-cooperative targets within a range of 14 Kilometers with an accuracy of at least one Meter and a measurement rate of up to 25 Hertz. Its weight of only 95 Grams makes the DLEM 30 one of the most lightweight devices within its performance class.


The modules use 1.5 micrometer diode lasers and are eye-safe. The wavelength is invisible to the human eye or to an image intensifier. This means that the devices are ideal for tactical use, since the laser pulses are practically not detectable. The laser rangefinders measure a wide range of targets quickly and with an exceptional level of precision – even with impaired visibility and within a wide temperature range.


The modules are primarily used in military defense technology where the accurate and instantly delivered distance information enables a fast response to threats, and can minimize the zeroing-in efforts required. This increases the safety of your forces.


All the devices in the DLEM series from Jenoptik offer the same communication interface, enabling you to use the control software for your devices across different models, saving integration efforts when switching from one to another model.






Compact: Extremely lightweight and small design.

Energy-efficient: The low power consumption of the laser rangefinders allows for low battery capacity.

Continuous measurement: Track targets thanks to continuous distance measurement at up to 25 Hertz.

Improved safety: Thanks to accurate and fast distance information, you can reduce zeroing in efforts and respond quickly to threats.

Technologically sophisticated: More than 40 years of experience in the development of measuring technology goes into the laser rangefinders from Jenoptik.


Fields of application


Manufacturers of observation devices: Laser rangefinders for electro-optical devices.

Manufacturers of sights: Laser rangefinders for mounting on weapons, e. g. rifles.

Manufacturers of mobile fire-control-systems: Laser rangefinders for multi-sensor platforms.

Manufacturers of border monitoring systems: Laser rangefinders for multi-sensor platforms.



Technical data (excerpt)


Feature                                             Value


Total measurement range:               10 m ... 14,000 m

Typical measurement range:           > 2,750 m (man-sized target)

                                                        > 4,500 m (NATO standard target)

                                                        > 8,000 m (extended target)

Measurement rate:                           up to 25 Hz

Accuracy:                                         < 1 m

Size:                                                 95 mm x 25 mm x 50 mm

Weight:                                             95 g

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