DMC-PICO Northfinder Magnetic Compass by Vectronix

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Vectronix AG
Max-Schmidheiny-Strasse 202
CH-9435 Heerbrugg

The new DMC-pico is an ultra-compact and shockproof digital magnetic compass that is perfect for weapon applications. It enhances your sensor system with highly reliable and accurate north finding for a minimal trade-off in space, weight and energy consumption.


Each DMC-pico goes through an extensive and individual calibration process. A unique factory compensation with quality feedback combined with embedded user compensation software enables outstanding heading determination over a wide range of operational conditions. It has been designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as those in small arms fire control applications. Its sophisticated software and construction allows a flexible and efficient integration.


Now with improved shock and vibration specification.


Azimuth (heading): ± 0.25° (1σ)

Elevation and bank: ± 0.1° (1σ)

Dimensions: 31 x 23 x 8.5 mm

Weight: 9 g

Defense Products & Services: DMC-PICO Northfinder Magnetic Compass by Vectronix
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Country: Switzerland
Description: DMC-PICO Northfinder Magnetic Compass
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