DOMINATOR M2/12 multi-calibre modular trailer-mounted multiple launch rocket system

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DOMINATOR  M2/12, 122 mm / 262 mm ( 122 mm / 300 mm as option)  Multi-Caliber Modular Trailer-Mounted Multiple Launch Rocket System represents  an “Arsenal platform” weapon system concept applied to trailer-mounted multiple launch rocket systems, combining multi-mission capability and high combat versatility, extremely high combat load of ready-to-fire rockets with favorable operational and tactical mobility and advanced Weapon Management System coupled with Battlefield Management System enabling seamless integration into modern network centric battlefield.



The weapon system is based on a convertible multiple rocket launcher configurations mounted on 8x8 VOLAT cross-country truck tractor with semi-trailer, with two main versions:



Version 1. This version represents SP MLRS with 240 ready-to fire rockets. The weapon  consists of quadruple 60-cell 122 mm Rocket Launcher in three Rocket Container Modules with 20 rockets per module sealed in transport/launching containers. Each of four triple 20-cell Rocket Container Modules is mounted at launching cradle, giving total combat load of 240 ready-to-fire rockets. The weapon is firing all standard 122mm rockets, including Serbian G-2000 with 40 km maximum range.




Version 2. Twin 8-cell 262 mm (300 mm as option) Multiple Rocket launchers consisting of two twin quadruple Rocket Container Modules with 262/300mm rockets sealed in transport/launching containers, mounted on two launching cradles (same cradles as cradle No. 2 and 4 from version 1), giving total combat load of 16 ready-to-fire 262/300 mm rockets with range of 65 km (262 mm rocket) / 105 km (300 mm rocket).     



Single DOMINATOR M2/12 system can make and accurate engagement of wide range of battlefield targets up to ranges of 40 km with up to 240 rocket in the single salvo for very short time (min. firing time for 240 rocket is 30 sec to 192 sec , depending of firing mode), or at ranges 65km / 95 km ranges (262 mm / 300mm rockets) with 16 rockets in the single salvo for 16 sec.  

Defense Products & Services: DOMINATOR M2/12 multi-calibre modular trailer-mounted multiple launch rocket system
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Country: Serbia
Description: DOMINATOR M2/12 multi-calibre modular trailer-mounted multiple launch rocket system
Source of Information: Yugoimport - SDPR p c